June 10-21, 2024, NEW YORK


Since our launch in 2014, the Summer Human Rights Institute has welcomed over 100 participants from more than 25 countries, including Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Barbados, China, Ghana, Guatemala, Hungary, India, Italy, Ivory Coast, Mexico, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Romania, Trinidad & Tobago, Vietnam and the UK and US. Please read on for more comments from past participants!


“The program administration did an excellent job and I love the new building. I was impressed with the accessibility of the materials and will use the binder in my everyday life in academia. I have already recommended the Institute to others.” – Andre M. ’14

Fantastic planning and amazing delivery of course content. These people have a passion for teaching, and reflect that when answering student questions and challenge your thinking. Extremely knowledgeable, professional, and passionate, it was an honor to learn from these people. The support staff are extremely patient and helpful. An outstanding institution. Truly an inspirational and amazing course. Best experience of my life.” – Anthony H. ‘15″

“The professors were excellent. I appreciated their willingness to answer questions, and to drive the conversations forward, it created a great learning environment.” – Anonymous ’14

“The program faculty members, courses, and administration were perfect.” – Anonymous ’16

The course has given me a basis for how I can incorporate international law and principles into work on a domestic level with a view to alleviating social injustice. The standard of lectures presented by the faculty was exceptional. They were engaging, balanced, informative, and, at all times, thought provoking. The staff were incredibly helpful, from the time I started inquiring about the course right through to the end of the course. It was a fantastic opportunity to learn for the sake of learning, without the pressure of assessments. Thank you. This course has expanded my mind and empowered me to commit to lifelong human rights advocacy and learning.” – Ellen S. ‘15

“I am currently not working in the human rights field (I am in international private and commercial law), but I want to work more in the HR field. The topic of business and human rights was very useful, also in light of my current work. Thank you very much, it was an excellent course.” – Francisca B. ’16

All the professors and staff are so professional, kind, and helpful. I really appreciate having such a great chance to be here. Wonderful experience to meet so many people who care about human rights. Thank you so much.” – Liu W. ‘15

“The faculty all have great knowledge, practical experience, and passion for the subjects they teach, which made classes very enjoyable. Great location and beautiful building. Thank you!!!” – Margreet T. ’16

“I was able to meet all my goals for the course. It was a great learning opportunity and nice to have the binder of reference documents. I thought the lectures were extremely good and the administration rocks! This was a great opportunity. Thank you so much!” – Nancy S. ’14

The lectures were very detailed and informative. The faculty were fantastic. All were very engaging and stayed long after the session was over to answer questions. Beautiful facility in a great location. Fantastically organized and run. Everything I was hoping for and more.“ –Nicole W. ‘15

All faculty members were engaging, enthusiastic, passionate and a pleasure to be taught by. All so lovely and helpful. Thank you so much for a wonderful experience!” – Sally M. ‘15

“The faculty gave among the best lectures I have heard in a very long time. I was very impressed.” – Shawn B. ’16

“A perfect course load. Very specific lectures and up-to-speed with information on human rights. I will recommend to all my colleagues at work back home.” – Wilberforce A. ’16


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